Message From the Chief

The Euharlee Police Department is a police organization with a modern, well educated, highly competent staff. We value high integrity, the Community Policing philosophy and we continually strive for excellence in all that we do. In this regard, our primary focus is on protecting and serving our citizens with the highest possible levels of devotion to duty by all members of the Euharlee Police Department.

In accordance with our Community Policing philosophy, we use strategic planning methods to move the department toward becoming less, incident-driven and more proactive in addressing the root causes of crime and disorder in our community. Our strategies include analytic problem-solving techniques; teamwork with all stakeholders of neighborhood problems coupled with collaboration of the full resources of local government; and candid open communications dialogue with the Euharlee community.

We view one of the frontiers of modern policing to be in the area of information management and interpersonal communications. In this vital area, our approach is to work smarter-not harder by embracing both rapidly developing technologies and the technological acumen of our emerging workforce.

Most importantly, the foundation of the Euharlee Police Department is the set of Core Values with which we approach everything we do: P-O-L-I-C-E       Professionalism, Obligation, Leadership, Integrity, Courage, and Excellence.

        Terry J. Harget
         Chief of Police